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Trusted and Reliable Real Estate Advisor since 2005

To sum up my job: Trusted Relationship Building. Easy to say, very hard to do. Following through on your word, proving access to reliable capital providers, an eye for fiduciary responsibility, and a track record of success all helps. However, it comes down the individual you are working with. I am an honest individual with a tenacious, almost zealous, energy for closing deals. My perception is that my clients have the most skin in the game, and I need to close it for them. Once they place their trust in me, I have to keep it alive by delivering results. This philosophy has a beautiful simplicity to it, yet like chess, very difficult to truly understand.

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Word From Our Clients

Covid was difficult to close unflagged hotels. Derek found a great life insurance company that offered a below market rate for our 24 Bedroom Hotel.

Derek had our best interest at heart. He worked for over 2 years on our deal. In the end, the Capital Markets and Supply Chain shifted so much that our profits were marginalized. Derek advised us that the best course was to sell, and not do the development. We found an off-market buyer for 1.5mm over asking price. Derek didn’t earn a commission, but he definitely earned our respect and future business.

We have been developing for over a decade now, and Derek found us a great institutional lender that beat the banks for ground up construction. We delivered on time and on budget.

It was a tough purchase. The client was 84 years old and not understanding to any extension, however she was selling at 2mm below appraisal, so we had to get the deal done. Derek drover over 9 hours to meet the lender at the site visit and stayed at the property to provide a tour within a 72 hour window. The 15mm closed within 52 minutes of our drop dead date. No doubt Derek earned his commission and my future business.